2021 – Radial Plug-flow Diffuser, type RPC-AD

Product Launch:

SMARTEMP is pleased to launch the Radial Plug-flow Diffuser, type RPC-AD, suitable for industrial displacement discharge from 4.5 to 8 m height. The discharge direction of the plug-flow air stream is adjustable from a radial pattern to a vertical airstream, providing both optimised cooling in which the low turbulence supply air spreads radially before gently falling downwards to floor level with minimal mixing, as well as effective heating to floor level by means of a strong downward airstream. Discharge direction adjustment is stepless, and may be manual, electric or by a self-powered thermal element in the supply air stream. DN400 and DN630 neck sizes are available, suitable for airflow rates from 450 to 1800 L/s. The diffusers are ideal for spot cooling/heating from large heights, as well as to purge contaminants from individual workspaces by displacing them from above with high quality supply air.

2020 – 6 & 8 Parramatta Square, NSW, Australia

SMARTEMP have been selected for the 6 & 8 Parramatta Square project in Greater Western Sydney, set to be the largest commercial building in Australia.

The 55-storey, 233 m tall office tower has a total commercial floor area of 120,000 m2. It is expected to be complete by 2022
This 5 Green Star project features approximately 4500 SMARTEMP Fixed Helical Swirl Diffusers, type HSC-FD.

2020 – Kirdorfhaus, Hamburg, Germany

Bespoke SMARTEMP Perforated Multistream Wall Diffusers, type PMW-AD, have been supplied for the refurbishment of the heritage listed Kirdorfhaus at Ballindamm 17 in Hamburg.

The seven-storey building is being extensively gutted and revitalised, with the historical condition being partially restored. In 1901/02 the architects Lundt & Kallmorgen designed the office building for the trading and shipping company A.C. de Freitas & Co. In 1905 and 1921, two further building sections were completed, which means that the building now features three components from different years of construction.

2020 – Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre, Christchurch, New Zealand

Visitors to conferences and exhibitions in the $475 million Te Pae Convention Centre, currently under construction in Christchurch, will benefit from Smartemp air diffusion.

The following SMARTEMP air diffusion products are being supplied:

Te Pae is purpose designed to be flexible, and will have capacity to host up to 2,000 delegates for a variety of national and international events. It will feature world-class purpose-built facilities including a 1,400 seat auditorium, 3,600 square metres of exhibition space and 24 meeting rooms.