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2022 – AIRAH Product of the Year – Winner

The Smartair Team is thrilled and honoured to accept this year’s AIRAH award for Product of the Year for our SMARTEMP Helical Vari-Swirl™ Diffuser, type HSC-VS

This low profile electronic VAV diffuser has patent-pending cyclone swirl damper technology, integrated IEQ, and both supply temperature- and static pressure-independent VAV damper control. Sensors for supply pressure, supply and room temperature, PIR (occupancy) and IAQ (CO2+RH or VOC), as well as a Bluetooth enabled controller, are integrated in the diffuser hub. The diffuser operation may be stand-alone or BMS-networked. Each diffuser includes patent-pending intelligent Vari-Smart Controls™ that may be comms connected to form a distributed controls network that optimises AHU performance via supply temperature, pressure, fan and economiser optimisation sequences.

2022 – PHIVE, 5 Parramatta Square, NSW, Australia

PHIVE, Parramatta’s new $136 million community and civic building, is to become a cultural hub in the heart of Parramatta’s CBD. It is also set to be Australia’s most sustainable government building.

As part of its cutting-edge design, PHIVE boasts a smart mixed-mode ventilation system. This automatically opens louvres to fill the building with fresh air as needed, and – depending on weather conditions – provides energy efficient mechanical cooling, heating and ventilation via motorised, variable geometry SMARTEMP Helical Vari-Swirl™ Diffusers, type HSC-VS and associated Vari-Smart™ controls for individual thermostatic VAV operation per diffuser. Thermal comfort is optimised as thermal loads shift, and both supply temperature and fan speed of the VRV AHUs are continually optimised for energy savings.

Other SMARTEMP products at PHIVE include:

2022 – Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Centre

More than 1000 pcs SMARTEMP Adjustable Helical Swirl Diffusers, type HSC-AD, were supplied in May 2022 to the spectacular new Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Centre. The new building will place a global spotlight on Bahrain as the region’s newest destination to attract the world’s most prestigious exhibitions, conventions, entertainment, concerts and gala events.

Opening in mid-2022, the new Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Centre will be the largest venue of its kind in the Middle East, offering 95,000 m2 of exhibition space over 10 halls.

2022 – SFS Group, Heerbrugg, Switzerland

SFS, a worldwide leading supplier of mechanical precision systems, is building an additional production facility in Eastern Switzerland to manufacture electronic brake systems for global automotive manufacturers. The ongoing electrification of vehicles has proven to be an attractive and growing business area for SFS.

Construction of the new production hall began in mid-2021. More than 100 pcs Cylindrical Plug-flow Diffuser, type CP-AD, were supplied in January 2022 for spot cooling/heating and to purge contaminants from work areas.