SMARTEMP® products are developed by SMARTAIR DIFFUSION®.

SMARTAIR DIFFUSION's core value of developing world leading products is encapsulated in its motto:




As a part of the company's programme of ongoing development, design engineers at SMARTAIR DIFFUSION's R&D facility in Australia work closely together with its manufacturing engineering team at the SMARTEMP factory in China to develop world-class air diffusion products for challenging applications, as well as bespoke solutions to suit project specific requirements.



Prototypes are tested at SMARTAIR DIFFUSION's laboratories in Australia and China, with key performance and acoustic verification tests conducted at the LTG laboratory in Germany. 
Laboratory facilities in Australia include:
  • Demo lab - 16 m2 for air diffusion demonstrations.
  • Main lab - 50 m2 space suitable for air diffusion tests up to 4 m height. 
  • High lab - 70 m2 for air diffusion tests up to 6 m height. 
  • Air diffusion airflow-pressure tests.
  • Air diffusion cooling/heating tests.
  • Chilled beam cooling/heating tests.
  • ADPI and PPD comfort tests.
  • Heated facades.



Innovative design is a hallmark of the SMARTEMP range.  Product design concentrates on creating industry leading products with unique design elements to maximise performance and provide solutions that are unparalleled world-wide.
SMARTEMP innovation includes:
  • The world's highest capacity swirl diffuser.
  • The world's only constant throw VAV side-blow swirl diffuser.
  • The world's most user-customisable floor swirl diffuser (user-adjustable airflow rate, air motion, and air direction).
  • Architectural chilled ceilings for the world's first 6-Greenstar rated building. 



Many of SMARTAIR DIFFUSION's innovations that have been incorporated into its SMARTEMP products are patended internationally:



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